New Job on NAGW Job Board

Garfield County, CO is seeking a creative individual to serve as one of their Website Specialists. The Website Specialist will be responsible for working on a variety of projects, primarily involved in website design and development and graphic design for print,including creation of custom graphics. This job is posted until 3/31/16. 

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New Membership Options Now Available

NAGW is excited to offer a new membership option for multiple agency memberships! By purchasing multiple memberships at one time agencies receive a discount. Multiple agency memberships are available for any size, eligible organization and these memberships are transferable within the agency for the remaining duration of the membership. The types of multiple agency memberships are as follows:

  • Small agency (3/5 memberships: full or associate): $350 (save $25)
  • Large agency (3/5 memberships: full or associate): $575 (save $50)

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In late 2015 the NAGW membership voted to extend full membership to state agencies and associate membership to federal employees. These changes are now active and eligible agencies may join at their convenience. The cost of membership is $125 annually. Please note that individual memberships are non-transferable. Join NAGW >>

If you have any questions regarding NAGW membership contact Member Services via email or via phone at 847-647-7226.

Reflections on 2015

December is a time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to 2016. The National Association of Government Web Professionals saw some outstanding achievements in 2015. We had a record number of sponsors sign on for the 2015 conference and several of these sponsors are interested in multi-year commitments. NAGW is grateful for the continued support of our members, volunteers and sponsors. Thank you for your dedication to NAGW!

Reminder to Members: Dues Increase in January

As announced at the September 2015 members' meeting, NAGW annual dues will increase to $125 on January 1, 2016. NAGW has not had a rate increase in over five years, even though our operating costs continue to rise each year.

NAGW is committed to keeping costs to our members low and, even with the increase, our membership rate is still one of the lowest you will find for a professional organization. Take advantage of a $25 savings through December 31, 2015.

NAGW Elects New Officers

The NAGW Board of Directors held elections for officers during a special board meeting on Tuesday, November 3. Our new officers are as follows:

  • President: Leslie Labrecque (At Large Director)
  • Treasurer: Ryan Drake (West Region Director)
  • Secretary: Barbara Belli (East Region Director)

Meet the full Board of Directors >>

Congratulations to our NAGW officers and our best wishes to John Nixon who has dedicated many years of service to NAGW!

NAGW Bylaws Vote Results

Voting has closed for the proposed bylaws change. With the majority of the members voting in favor, the motion to expand Full membership to State Government Employees (SGE) and extend Associate membership to Federal Government Employees (FGE) passes. In addition to Local Government Employees, SGEs can now serve on the NAGW Board of Directors, but only serve in the 2 At-Large positions (FGEs are not eligible). The results of this vote and the number of votes each item received are as follows:

NAGW Bylaws Poll Results

As was discussed at the Members Meeting on Sept 24 during the NAGW National Conference in Albuquerque, NM, the NAGW Board of Directors proposed a vote on bylaws changes that would impact membership status for State Government Employees (SGE) and would allow membership for Federal Government Employees (FGE).

The first item discussed was the Board’s recommendation that SGE be given “Full Membership” and FGE be offered “Associate Membership”. A second proposal discussed limiting any new SGE to four (4) seats on the nine (9) person Board of Directors. A final suggestion proposed limiting SGE to only two (2) At-Large positions on the Board of Directors.

NAGW Proposed By-Laws Language Change

Preliminary Poll:

Poll closed on October 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM CT

As was discussed at the Member Meeting on September 24, the NAGW Board of Directors proposes a vote on bylaws changes that would impact membership status for State Government Employees (SGE) and would allow membership for Federal Government Employees (FGE.)

Currently, SGE are limited to "Associate Membership". This means they are not allowed to vote on NAGW matters or serve on the Board of Directors. The Board proposes that this restriction be removed and that SGE be granted "Full Membership" which includes the right to vote on NAGW matters and serve on the Board of Directors.

National Association of Government Web Professionals Announces 2015 Pinnacle Award Winners

The National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) announced its annual Pinnacle Award winners at the organization’s 2015 conference in Albuquerque, NM. NAGW East Region Director Barbara Belli made the announcement during the awards banquet held September 24 at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque hotel.

2015 - 2016 NAGW Board of Directors

Elections were held this summer, and the results were officially announced at the members meeting at the NAGW conference. NAGW is happy to announce the board of directors for 2015 - 2016:

  • Midwest Region: Jason Huber
  • Lakes Region: Debbie Deacy
  • Northeast Region: Katya Wowk
  • East Region: Barbara Belli
  • South Region: Alicia Brown
  • West Region: Ryan Drake
  • Mountain Region: Paulette Neal-Allen
  • At Large 1: Leslie Labrecque
  • At Large 2: Jay Eason

The board will be electing executive officers during the first meeting of this board year which starts in November. For questions about elections please contact the board secretary at